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Taxi Autorickshaw refuse to ferry you

An Auto rickshaw or taxi cannot refuse to ferry you. You can raise complaint against such offenders online or by calling toll free number. You should just stop an auto or taxi and get in, after that tell the driver the destination. The driver cannot force you from getting out. In case, they refuse, look around and see if you can spot a traffic police or police person and call for his attention. You can even call 100 immediately from your cell phone in case the driver tries to be physical. Alternatively you can register your complaint using the below steps. Complainants name will not be disclosed.

As per the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Act, Section 22 (d) 178 (3) (b), "Auto rickshaw driver Refusing to ply for hire" attracts a penalty of Rs. 100, and it goes up to Rs. 200 for a Taxi refusing to ply.

You can register a complaint with the toll-free number of RTO (1800-22-0110) against Taxi and autorickshaw drivers for refusing to ferry you.

1. You can also complaint by other sources.
2. Complainants name will not be disclosed.
3. You can also send complaint on,, &
Regional Transport Office – RTO in Andheri
Address: Regional Transport Office, D/111, Ambivali Village, Versova Road, Near Manish Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai, Pincode – 400053.
Telephone Number: 6362252, 26366957, 26319821

Regional Transport Office – RTO in Ghatkopar Telephone Number: 25115202

Regional Transport Office – RTO in Thane Telephone Number: 25340474

Regional Transport Office – RTO in Worli Address: 25/Sir Pochkhanwala Road, Worli, Pincode : 400025, Mumbai
Telephone Number: 25340474

Regional Transport Office – RTO in Wadala Address: B/2, 3rd Flr, Wadala Truck Terminal, Wadala Road, Pincode : 400037

Regional Transport Office – RTO In Tardeo Address: Old Bodyguard Lane, Tulsiwadi Tardeo, Mumbai, Pincode – 400034.
Telephone Number: 24944600, 24932337, 24944601, 24944602
More details you can read Times of India Article


  1. i guess its of no use.once i told the auto guy tht i will call on this rto tool free number or complaint to the traffic police man ,he shamelessly said go complain as all these rto n police people take "hafta".
    this was at bandra east near the bandra criminal court.these auto guys always refuse especially if asked to go to bandra west.
    so ya tht toold free number is "faltu bogus useless" .

  2. Pune Mumbai Cabs service from Mumbai to Shirdi is popular as it is the holiest place for Hindus. Shirdi is famous for God Sri Shirdi Sainath, "Child of God". Cabs to Shirdi are in demand during the time of festivals. Rama Navami and Dasara are the famous festivals that celebrated which attracts number of pilgrims. Guru Purnima is the main festival in Shirdi that attracts large number people to shiridi.

  3. May be they take hafta and all, its good they should help as we r giving them another chance to take another hafta..I can name and tell places where rickshaws and taxi openly stand in the rto approved stand and would say no.. the link road is famous for this. Jogeswari only God can help the place. No body at all goes anywhere you ask..I think instead of penalising them of 100 bucks their licence should be ciesed for a month.


    HONG KONG - Police have hit a racket that saw taxi drivers ripping off tourists leaving Tsim Sha Tsui for the airport.

    Three taxi drivers have been arrested during an undercover operation for "grossly overcharging" passengers, said Chief Inspector Yu Hoi-kwan.

    There also appeared to have been tampering with meters in the taxis that the three were driving.

    The operation, on Monday, saw local and overseas- recruited police officers posing as tourists and taking taxis from the Kimberley Hotel.

    Two drivers allegedly pressed buttons during journeys from Kimberley Road. That caused fares showing around HK$200 to leap to more than HK$300.

    Another driver allegedly took a roundabout route, going via Hung Hom Station to the airport.

    Police claim the three were overcharged by at least HK$50 and up to HK$100 for a single journey.

    The action followed officers being told that some taxi drivers who waited outside a hotel on Kimberley Road were overcharging passengers.

    Yu said the three arrested drivers had communicated with each other at times amid indications that someone was also working behind the scenes. "Throughout the operation we observed that these taxi drivers had communications with each other," she said. Officers were now investigating the possibility that a syndicate was involved in organizing the drivers.

    Yu also said the scam involved drivers waiting at a taxi stand until they saw a tourist leaving the hotel with luggage. Then they would move forward and assist
    people in stowing luggage in the boots of the taxis.

    The three taxis involved were seized and are being taken to the Transport Department's vehicle examination center for checks.

    Anyone convicted of overcharging for a taxi ride faces up to six months in prison and fines to HK$10,000.

  5. today I took auto from bandra east eserve bank I wanted to go to kurla sation when i reach citi bank meter showing 30 Rs.and its my daily routine everyday i took auto and fare was 30 or 33 Rs from reserve bank to kurla station but this time meter was faulty when i asked driver about meter he said "electronic meter me hum kya gadbad kar sakte" then i left auto on kurla market and pay him 40 Rs.and i note his auto no MH03 BA 3021.i want that RTO department take serious action on that auto driver.

  6. yesterday i took a auto rickshaw from Andheri JB Nagar to Malad East Govind nagar hospital and left my packet of important papers with two diary at the back side of seat by mistake, Driver name is Rajesh Yadav and he was from Bhadohi, if any one read this message please help to take back by those papers. my mobile num is 9819002789, PLS PLS HELP

  7. I was at bandra linking road today and wanted to reach my house, hence i asked one taxi guy if he would reach me there, he started questioning me about the way and then started arguing with me stating the way i am saying is wrong. Since i was in a hurry i straightaway asked him in anger if he wants to come or no. He started using foul language in loud voice which embarrassed me. as i was alone and nobody was there with me to protect me, i didnt want t get into an unpleasant situation. hence took another cab and left from there. This is not acceptable. CAB number MH 02 bd 0320

  8. I was at bandra linking road today and wanted to reach my house, hence i asked one taxi guy if he would reach me there, he started questioning me about the way and then started arguing with me stating the way i am saying is wrong. Since i was in a hurry i straightaway asked him in anger if he wants to come or no. He started using foul language in loud voice which embarrassed me. as i was alone and nobody was there with me to protect me, i didnt want t get into an unpleasant situation. hence took another cab and left from there. This is not acceptable. CAB number MH 02 bd 0320

  9. I hate this shit I have been the suspect today of a rikshawala. Feeling alone coz there is no one to help me

  10. Refused MH02 TA2358

  11. Its Same everywhere . Today I n my Friends with our kids where to come back home from The Bmc garden behind inorbit mall malad west , not a single auto wala was ready to ply , the reason they want to ply the young college couple coming out of the garden. We have to walk all the way to Inorbit mall and even there auto wala refused to go. We have to forcefully sit on a auto then. Something has to be done about this.

  12. Faulty Meters at Model College, MIDC Rickshaw stand, Dombivali(E)
    At Model College, MIDC, Rickshaw stand,
    Auto Rickshaw meter is only for the showcase purpose. They are not working properly.
    Yesterday when I asked to go by meter they refused initially then they are saying meter is not working.

    Finally when I got one Auto, his Initial meter reading started from 24 instead of 19....



  13. Worst Scneario
    My sister in law was pregnant & while going to office, no single auto-driver is ready to took her to Dombivali(E) station.

    She asked all the auto drivers who are in queue. But all of them are denying & laughing at her.

    It was so embracing for her...


  14. Violent Act By Auto-Rickshaw Drivers
    The fare for MIDC-Model college to Dombivali(E) station in sharing is 14 Rs.

    Mostly they took 4 people & encash 56 rupees in one side trip.
    Whereas directly by meter it can be Rs. 30-35(max).

    It's simply looting to people.

    Yesterday, when we are going out with my family (myself, wife, 4 month kid) No sharing, the auto driver not ready to start the meter. He told the rate is Rs 90.
    I requested to start the meter else get the auto to RTO office. Then he started with dirty talks, swearing(gali galloch), dada giri.
    He started to fight with me, My wife & child gets afraid. He started the auto & tried to move us. away from main focus area.
    Somehow we managed to get out from his auto. And He ran away with his auto.

    Literally abusing and threatening to people i.e. also ON GENERAL ELECTION DAY. Really no fear to these people. They are not using meters. It is only for showcase to RTO. Applying there own charges on customers. Please take strict action against these auto rickshaw driver at Near Model college stop, MIDC, Dombivali(E).

    They are not realizing that they are serving public transport.

    Kindly take strict action against them so that they behaves properly with peoples.

  15. For the last two years, I have been facing serious problems with rickshaw drivers who are not ready to ply passengers to the desired location (Vakola, Hyaat Hotel area).
    With time the problem has only worsened, with travelers waiting for as long as 25 minutes to get a rickshaw to Vakola. There are no share rickshaw stands to this location, nor do meter rickshaws willingly ply travelers.

  16. Hello,

    I would like to file a complaint against auto rickshaw driver Vehicle No. MH-03-AA-9830.As it was raining heavily today( 16-July-2014)morning between 10:00 am to 10:30 am in Mumbai so many of us took auto for going to office so i have taken an auto from Airoli Toll Naka to drop me at Vikhroli West Gandhi nagar HCC 247 Park.It was raining very heavily meanwhile i noticed that his auto has faulty meter and for the same distance i.e. ( from airoli toll naka to 247 park gandhi nagar vikhroli west) daily i paid Rs.75 from meter, his meter showed Rs. 110 even half distance was yet to be covered. I decided to get down near bridge and had gone walking to 247 park from dere.So i want to file complaint against him vehicle no. MH-03-AA-9830 for using faulty meter and would like to inform the people regarding same. Please Be aware of such frauds.

    I request you to kindly take serious action against such taxi/auto drivers as these incidents are very common in Mulund Airoli Toll Naka.




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